We believe in being healthy, not high, which is why we grow our own proprietary strain of hemp that is rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. Because we are growing industrial hemp and not cannabis, our products do not contain THC. Our hemp is organically grown outdoors by happy farmers in sunny Colorado without pesticides, GMO's, or any harmful additives.



Once our flowers are harvested, we run them through a medical-grade CO² extraction system which forces a chemical separation between CBD and the plant material. Through this process, we are able to utilize the entire plant extracting a full-spectrum of beneficial cannabinoids. This botanical-blend is then combined with cold-pressed hemp seed oil to reach a desired consistency.



A random sample from each extraction is sent to a third-party lab for quality assurance and potency testing. Each batch of cannabis extracts is tested to ensure there are no chemicals, metals, or pesticides present. Also, to determine cannabinoid and terpene percentage and THC presence. Soulshine CBD supplies certified third-party lab results accompanying each order.



Our closely-knit team working out of Renton, WA where we package and inspect each individual item by hand. All products are made in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Section 7606 of the 2014 Farm Bill. We take pride in monitoring closely our production process from hemp seed to your shelf in order to provide the best, most effective CBD products.



Let us take care of the hard part! All you have to do is order your favorite products online, over the phone, or at any of our partner retail outlets for an organic, healthy supplement that you can rely on. We legally and eagerly ship to anywhere in the United States. We also provide bulk wholesale pricing and white labeling services. Contact Us to set up an account.